How Many Antenna TV Channels Can You Get for FREE?

So finally you have taken the big decision of cutting the cord and looking out for other options. By now you must be well aware that the TV antennas are very much legitimate and the channels provided by them are legal. Many a times people tend to question; how many channels we would be getting. Some TV antennas claim that they provide 50 whereas some claim that they provide 90 to 100 channels. While you may surely get dozens of channels but they are all dependent on various factors. Broadcast TV are sent over the powerful antennas which broadcasted to your home.

When it comes to understanding how many of the TV channels would you get for free then it surely depends on varied factors. Each of the broadcasting tower tend to offer various programming for its viewers. Hence it gets difficult to give a precise number. Some of the viewers may receive 40 channels and some may receive even lesser than that. Those who receive around 40 to 50 channels, they mostly reside in between few of the different broadcasting stations hence they are also bound to receive regional channels additionally. Else for few of the viewers, the regional channels would be unavailable.

Some would only receive a dozens of channels such as Fox, ABC, CBS, ION and so on. If you have a powerful antenna that picks up long range signals well then you can receive additional channels. For those who have multi-directional antenna would receive a different number of channels than those who have directional antenna. There are certain TV antennas which state to provide 90 out of 100 channels for free. However, the programming can tend to change from one location to another.

In general, you can tend to receive more than 12 channels, certain high definition channels. Few of them would also receive sub-channels in addition to the regional channels. The higher you place your antenna; the more number of channels you would receive. Since antennas which are placed higher and have longer coverage range can easily pick up strong signals from multiple directions thus leading to more than 40 or 50 channels. When the signal is strong and better then it would mean that you would be receiving crisp and clear picture quality. Hence many a times it is encouraged to place your antenna at the highest point whether indoors or outdoors.

There are certain channels such as HBO, Showtime and many others which are called as premium channels. Though the HDTV antenna companies may claim that you would also receive these channels. But these channels are only available when you pay subscription for them. These are paid channels and are not made available free. On an average, you can receive around 12 to 50 channels if you bear in mind all the factors while setting up the TV antenna. Do not just go by the claims of the TV antenna companies. Carry out your research and then go ahead with the right type of antenna for your house.