Bluewire TV Antenna Reviews: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

With the rise in customers switching from the cable network to the TV antenna world there has been a rise in the TV antenna companies. Every day you may come across some or the other ad of a new TV antenna claiming to be the best and providing 100plus channels absolutely free of cost. Among so many of the TV antennas, there are some which are great, some which are average or just better off and some which do not live up to the expectations. Among the many other antennas that we reviewed, one of them is called the Bluewire TV antenna. Bluewire has claimed to provide 90 out of the 100 channels for its viewers absolutely free of cost.

Bluewire TV antennas work well with any of the TV device wherein it would not charge you any monthly bills or subscription packages. There are also no contracts on the purchase of this antenna. The channels or your favourite program would be available at 1080p resolution. The Bluewire TV antenna has been designed specifically after the U.S military communication technology. Due to the use of this technology, it is termed to be very much reliable as well as durable. The design of this indoor HDTV antenna is quite unique. It is a thin, small and sleek piece of equipment. You can mount it on the wall or higher on the window for receiving optimal reception. Due to its slim design, it can also be placed behind the TV unit or behind a wall frame.

Bluewire TV antenna covers a range of 30miles and it is also a multi-directional antenna. Though you may need to play around with the correct placement. But once it is placed in the appropriate location, you need not worry about getting it adjusted time and again. This antenna does not come along with an amplifier hence the current range picked up by the antenna may not work well for most of the users especially those who stay far from the broadcasting tower. You would need to get an external amplifier that would help in further extending the coverage range so as to get strong reception and maximise the number of channels.

The setup of this antenna is quite simple and easy. It is as simple as plug and play device. Once you plug in the antenna cord into the TV input, you are good to go ahead with watching your favourite programs. Few of the major network channels that would be available are, NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS and CW.

This Bluewire TV antenna is quite reasonable in terms of cost. However, you do not get much of the information about this product on the internet. When you check their websites, not lot of information is made available. Hence it creates doubts in the mind of the users whether this product is surely for true or just a scam. But this product is available for real and there is no scam to it. You always have the option to select other better products when compared with Bluewire. One of the disappointing factor about this product is that there is lack of customer service. Overall, we can say that Bluewire is surely a decent deal but you can choose certain other products after proper comparison and research.