Best live TV streaming services for cord-cutters

The online streaming services are taking on a new trend. More and more companies are stepping ahead in the online streaming services. It is turning out to be a good opportunity for the cord cutters so that they can get the best option for their daily dose of entertainment. These online streaming services are also coming up with new offers for attracting the viewers. Let us have a look at few of the best live TV streaming services that can be a good option for cord cutters.

  • Netflix: This is a highly popular online streaming service. Just for $7.99 each month, the viewers can watch their favourite programs in the standard definition. This plan would work only on one device at a time. The second plan is for $10.99 each month which provides higher definition programs and viewers can watch programs on more than one device. Lastly there is a premium plan for $13.99 per month wherein the viewers can watch favourite shows at ultra-high definition. Since Netflix does not charge any added fee for removing ads hence it acts as an added advantage over the other competitors. You can also download and then later watch shows while offline. There is one downside wherein Netflix takes down the old seasons of the shows when the license expires.
  • Sling TV: The basic plan called as Sling Orange is only for $20 each month and it provides its users with more than 25 channels. When you pay an additional $5 each month then you are subscribed to Sling Blue which has more than 40 channels. When you go in for a combination of both Sling Blue and Sling Orange then you get more than 50 channels. The charges for this plan is only $40 per month. For just $5 each month, you are provided with 50hours of Cloud DVR. However, few of the disadvantages include, you cannot view content offline even when you have cloud DVR. With the Sling Orange pack, you can only view in one device at a time.
  • Hulu: Viewers can have access to Hulu Streaming library only for $7.99 per month. When you subscribe for $39.99, you get access to Hulu with Live TV plan. This plan would feature for more than 50 live as well as on-demand channels. You also get the benefit of using it on more than one device at the same time. Programs are available without any commercials. You also get access to free enhanced cloud DVR. With just one subscription, the users can create at the most 6 profiles. The episodes are mostly made available the day after they are aired. One of the biggest disadvantage for the viewers is that it does not offer the option of viewing the shows offline.
  • Amazon Prime Video: For those individuals who are also subscribers of Amazon Prime then they are quite lucky since you also get access to Amazon Prime Video. However, if you are not already a subscriber then you can subscribe to their service only for $8.99 each month. You would be surprised with the enormous collections of movies, programs, music and online bookstore they have for their viewers. However, Amazon does not provide much room when it comes to personalisation since one cannot create more than one account under the same subscription.