Amazon Fire TV Recast Is The Best New Cord Cutting Solution

Cord cutting has been made simple with the new device created by Amazon. It is called as Amazon Fire TV Recast. This new device offers its viewers to get easy free access to over-the-air broadcast television. It comes directly from the software of the Fire’s TV. You can call it as a DVR for most of the over the air channels. This DVR is a large black coloured box which would be connecting to an antenna and also the internet connection. You have the facility for recording your favourite shows and also watch live TV on the Amazon Fire TV, or a mobile phone or a tablet.

The Fire TV Recast does not come with any monthly fees. When you already have a antenna at your home along with this Fire TV Recast then you are sure to receive all of the local channels in addition to a bunch of international channels as well. Also the picture quality is complete HD. The setup of this Amazon Fire TV Recast is quite simple. If you have the Fire TV app on your phone, then they would be providing a detailed instruction on how to carry out the setup. It would also help in guiding as to where you should be aiming the antenna for receiving strong reception signals. There is no need for the box to be placed near the TV since it mainly would need the Wi-Fi.

You also have an on-screen program guide that would provide information on what are available on Live V and at the same time allows to also set recordings of your favourite shows. The design of this device is mostly according to the existing Amazon Fire TV or the Fire TV stick. For those who are already having Amazon Fire TV or are planning to buy one then they should surely consider getting a Fire TV Recast. This would mean that you are basically making use of the same software which you have already been familiar with, however it would be an added feature when you go for Recast.

This Fire TV Recast is dependent on the HDTV antenna. The TV antennas is a cheapest solution of watching free over-the-air television. Hence it may appeal to some and for others it may not. Hence before you go ahead with purchasing this product, it would be wise to first carry out a check on the Amazon website. The Amazon Purchase assistant would provide details on basically what is offered in your region along with the reception map in FCC. You could first purchase a good digital antenna, test it on what channels it has to offer and then you can go ahead with purchasing the Recast.

If you are looking out for a DVR and at the same time have the Amazon Fire TV, then this Recast would be a good option for purchase. There are two models of Recast available based on how much you would want to spend. The $229.99 is a 50GB recast that offers 75 hours of storage and 2 tuners. The second $279.99 is a 1TB Recast that offers 150hours of storage and 4 tuners.