AirTV Player Review: Is This All-in-One Solution the Real Deal?

Once you have cut the cord, it is time to think on what options to use next. There are so many options available in the market such as, TV antennas, streaming devices and online streaming services. They all are different with their own unique features. But there are times that when you make use of one option, you may not get your desired channel or program hence you would need to go for another option as well. This would mean handling more than one devices to watch your favourite programs on TV. This has been a common query seen in most of the viewers who have cut the cord and switched to other options. Guess you need not do this switching with multiple devices since AirTV Player has come up with a unique option to get your favourite dose of entertainment in one device itself.

While you may not call it a perfect option but there are a lot of features available in AirTV that would make you fall in love with it. Firstly, talking about the design of this box, it is not the usual black coloured box which you see in most of the android boxes. It is white coloured on the top and the bottom is sky blue in colour. There is also a red coloured power indicator at the front of the box. You cannot call it tiny but it is neither too big nor too small. It is almost as the same size as Roku Ultra.

You can call AirTV Player your very own personalised streaming box which contains Sling TV, Android TV and Netflix. The bonus is that you can also watch your local channels live through this box. Just one simple device with so many options for entertainment. Through Netflix and Sling TV you can watch all of the latest movies, listen to music and also watch your favourite TV shows. Through the local channel availability, you can watch live sports, get updated through news channels and also receive broadcast channels in HD format.

AirTV can handle resolution of 1080p and also 4k format thus putting it in par with the other streaming devices such as Google Chromecast Ultra and Amazon Firestick. There can be certain issues in running few of the high-end games but the simple ones run very smoothly. It is also compatible with any of the Android Bluetooth devices, game controllers and headsets. It also comes along with a Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in remote finder. The remote of AirTV may look and even feel like some toy. It is of white and blue plastic that has a matte feel to it. There are three buttons on that say, Netflix, Sling and Google. This makes it easier to directly go through the app you desire to watch instead of navigating here and there. The remote also has a Bluetooth function that allows for controlling the television, the sound system and the AirTV box.

Overall, AirTV Player box makes life easier for cord cutters. For those who already have an antenna at home, this box would be like a cherry on the cake. The setup is easier wherein all you need to do is plug and play. For those who want to look out for an easy option that has entertainment in one device itself then go for it.