6 things to know about dropping pay-tv

There has been an increase in the number of people who are cutting the cord and instead going in for TV antenna or streaming online services. It would not only help in saving money but also give you access to watch only those channels that you pay for. But when a consumer cuts the cord, they are not completely cutting the relationship with the pay-TV providers. These same providers also provide broadband services to those viewers. Hence it is important to know few of the things about dropping Pay-TV.

  1. What does cord cutting mean? Cord cutting defines as a process of cancelling the cable or satellite TV service. You can call them cord cutters or cord shavers who cut back their access of Pay-TV. But the trickier part is when the viewers drop the traditionally known Pay-TV service and instead go in for internet based service from the same provider. Hence few of the experts would term them as cord cutters whether few others may not.
  2. How many of them have cut the cord? The traditional Pay-TV service has seen a decline due to the boom of the cord cutters. But still there are a major chunk of people who still haven’t taken the plunge of cutting the cord in the fear of losing out their favourite channel. In one of the research it was pointed out that few of the streaming services have 5million users whereas there are still 90million users towards cable and satellite TV.
  3. Why the sudden buzz on cord cutting? Most of the consumers are becoming aware about the rise in the cable and satellite TV prices or the traditional Pay-TV. This has led to people going in for internet based services. This rise would be going up gradually.
  4. How much money can one save? As per research it has been stated that the money which a consumer can save would vary based on the entertainment needs of the person. For example, those who are more inclined towards only fewer local channels can invest in a good antenna and for those who need episode and series of their favourite shows can invest only in those streaming service for that much period. Many a times the cord cutters would tend to go in for multiple services for filling up on the channels received through Pay-TV.
  5. Cost of internet: Many a times in the need of continuing on the entertainment dose, viewers do not pay much attention to the internet package. It has been seen that on an average a consumer spends around $50 to $60 per month for getting access to high speed internet. For streaming HD videos, consumers would need to boost their internet package and across multiple device.
  6. Why the need for Pay-TV? There is a misconception among the minds of the consumers that for watching live shows and sports, one would need to have a cable TV. But this is not the case anymore. Pay-TV can give you 200 plus channels but do you watch even half of these. Are these channels even worth spending so much money on the cable or satellite TV?