For all of those cord cutters who have finally decided to banish the cable or satellite TV and go in for TV antennas, you would surely want to add in some reliable antenna that would let you enjoy your favourite shows. Getting a quality TV antenna would help in providing you all of your favourite channels with quality sound and picture. There are indoor and outdoor TV antennas available in the market. Often it may get confusing as to which one you should really go in for when there are so many models. Below we have provided details on the best antenna you can go in for to continue your TV viewing experience without any interruption.

1byOne Outdoor Antenna:

This is an outdoor antenna with amazing style and unique design. It provides crystal clear channels on your TV and that too absolutely free. This antenna covers range of 80miles wherein it would easily pick up all the premium channels such as, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS and PBS. It would also allow to pick up local VHF, HDTV and UHF frequency signals. This would mean more number of channels at an affordable price.

Clearstream Eclipse:

This is considered to be one of the best flat TV antenna and has an impressive looking design. Though it may look very fragile but it is a very powerful indoor TV antenna. This antenna is for those who do not mind paying a bit extra to get that mind blowing experience. It is a multi-directional HDTV antenna. It has an estimated coverage range between 35miles to 70miles. This antenna has two sides, the black and the white side. Hence it can easily blend with your interior décor. You can mount this antenna easily anywhere without the need for aiming it at one particular location. Due to the circular design of this antenna, it is far better in picking up the UHF frequency signals.

Channel Master EXTREMEtenna 80:

This is an outdoor TV antenna which is very much multi-directional and easily picks up signals. It can pick up digital signals as well as high definition signals with ease from a span of 180degrees. It can cover a range of 80miles thus making it easier to pick up HD, UHF, FM and VHF frequency signals. Though the size of the antenna is larger when compared with the other outdoor antennas and also the design is less classy. This is also the reason why it can easily capture the complete spectrum of signals.

Mohu Leaf Metro MH-110543:

Considered to be one of the smallest antenna but not too small when it comes to picking up high quality HD signals. This antenna is considered a best buy for those who reside in apartment and do not have much space when it comes to mounting an antenna. It is a perfect choice for discreet installing at home especially for those who are located closer to the broadcasting TV towers. It has a range of 25miles. It comes along with a 10foot long coaxial cable which would mean that the installation is fairly flexible.